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An Indica Strain that surpasses most others.

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Apricot ~ A Sativa dominate hybrid created by the loving hands of the good folks at "HIGH ROAD FARMS" **notice** We have secured a steady supply of this delicious Strain so no limits on ordering.

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We are pleased to offer both CBD and THC rich trichrome capsules, decarboxylated and smokable too. Temper your THC intake with these CBD capsues.

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SFV OG KUSH ~ San Fernando Valey OG Kush is one of those OG variations that once you try it you will crave more of that sugary OG taste and heavy KUSH Indica effects.

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ROCK STAR KUSH ~ A nice popular Kush strain great taste, clean burning and VERY strong.

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TUNA KUSH ~ An Indica dominate BC Strain no one can agree on parentage but its very good super nice to smoke, vape or make concentrates from. Patients agree she is a powerful medication.

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